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About Us




Born on July 13, 2017, Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated was founded by women who envisioned bringing all women together from all creeds.

Before 1990, women who identified as LGBTQIA were then limited by the availabilities of sororities who accepted them for who they were. Since then, different sororities have formed and grown in number. However, limitations still remain within those organizations that exclude certain women from taking part. Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority Inc. is a sisterhood that is defined as EPHIC because we truly believe in the inclusion of ALL women from all walks of life.

On March 8th, 2018, the organization was officially incorporated. With its newly found incorporation, the members believed that with their focus on unity, respect, integrity, inclusion, community enrichment, civic service, and social engagement, their dream to create a sisterhood would become an EPHIC reality. They also believed that creating bonds of unity, love, and lasting friendships within the sorority will help to emphasize the importance of inclusion and acceptance to all women around the world.

Mission Statement

The mission of Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated is to uplift and empower women through respect, integrity, consciousness, social engagement and elegance while fulfilling God’s unique purpose and will for our lives.


The Vision of Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated is to promote respect, integrity, civic and social engagement with excellence through the union of women from all creeds. 


The purpose of Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated is to bridge the gap between marginalized groups while creating a foundation of love, unity and acceptance for all women.


Greetings!!! I am Dani from Baltimore, MD. I am co-founder and National Executive President of Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated. I love the beach and listening to music. Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated is the air I breathe. I love my sisters and I am dedicated to the community.

“Live without fear. Love without limitations”

Daniele Thomas

Welcome Everyone!!! I am Toya. I am co-founder, National Executive Vice President, and National Executive Treasurer of Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI and later relocated to Miami, FL as a teen. After graduating high school, I joined the U.S. Navy. During my service I obtained an AS in Business Management, a BS in Criminal Justice and an MA in Human Services. In addition to my employment with the U.S. Navy, I am also a published author and entrepreneur.

La’Toya A. DeBardelaben


​Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Incorporated, was founded on July 13, 2017. Since its inception and its incorporation, it has been led by women who envisioned bringing all women together from all creeds to build love, trust, respect, confidence, strength, empowerment, and enrichment of self and in the lives of those they reach. With a focus on civic service, community and social enrichment, their dreams have become an EPHIC reality. As they seek to expand the strength of their precious SaPPHIrE, these EPHIC women added dynamic PHIllars and eventually saw their Visions of EPHIC. After proposing their Vision, it was time to begin their EPHIC REnaissancE, where they eventually found their EPHIC Grail. They then rejoiced in Journeys of Euphoria.
As Epsilon Phi Chi Sorority, Inc. grows, so does the burning passion of her organization!